Don’t Let Satan Steal Your Promise

Have you ever been trucking along in your life and you think things are going moderately well, and then BAM! something happens to wake you up out of the fog you’ve been in?

That is what happened to me folks.

I’ve been going around doing all of these things thinking that everything is just fine when it was revealed to me that I had let go of a promise that God had given me. Actually, I let it get stolen. I let it go stolen by the lie that God isn’t big enough to do that or that He doesn’t want to do something that incredible for me. It wasn’t a snatch, but a slow take away where I didn’t even notice. Then there I was sitting in a Sunday service and something that was a small little side note to the message just hit me right in the heart and I could feel the Holy Spirit whisper to me “Where did your faith go that you have let go of this promise to You. God has not forgotten His promise to you so why have you let it go?”

I was horrified! How had I let myself be of so little faith that I was convinced that God didn’t really give me this promise; that I should just be content with what He has already done;  and stop hoping for too much?!

What a clever, clever enemy we have.

Now that I look back I can see how it happened. I received a promise from God and I was soooo excited about it! I kept it in my heart because I didn’t feel it was the right time to say anything. Here is where it starts to get tricky. The first portion of my promise came true, but the second part didn’t immediately happen. Every situation that didn’t meet my expectation after that launched me further into believing that maybe this promise wasn’t even real.

At first, I would think “Hmmm.. it will happen it just isn’t the right time.” Then after a few weeks, “Maybe it will just be different than I thought.” Months go by, “I should just be happy with what part I did get and patiently wait for the rest if it is still going to come.” Further down the road, “I just didn’t hear correctly. That isn’t going to happen. There is no way possible. Why would I even think that?” And so I let go because I didn’t want it to hurt. Then BAM!, that Sunday morning I got my wake up call.

You see our enemy doesn’t want us to live in the freedom that comes from having complete trust and security that we can trust our Father. That makes us dangerous to him. He wants to create doubt and confusion so that we can’t start to live out the promises that have been given to us. I look back at how I started with just a hint of doubt that turned into confusion that progressed to unbelief. I am at fault as well. I gave the enemy the little opening he needed to begin to stir up a whole pot of doubt and lies and there I was letting go of a promise that would have the potential to change my life along with so many others as well.

I’m so thankful that we have a loving and PATIENT Father who gives us the gentle reminder and when we need it the BAM! wake up call like, “HELLO?!? What are you doing there my love? Wake up!”

So I write to you today to remember the promise He gave you. YES, He IS big enough to do it. He is gracious enough to do it. He loves you enough for it. Now you must trust Him fully and follow in obedience to Him. Don’t just sit and be the same and wait around not wondering why you haven’t seen that promise fulfilled. Rise up, put on your armor, and walk out your faith each day and follow the calling we all received the day we accepted Jesus as our Savior-to take up our cross daily and follow Him (Matthew 16:24). It is in the action of our faith that we begin to live out God’s plan for our lives and where He starts to work all things together to fulfill His promises. I will say that not all of our promises are meant to be fulfilled on this earth. So even if you don’t see it fulfilled in the way you thought, you can rest assured that some of the best promises are fulfilled in heaven.

While this post isn’t meant to be the end all be all answer to your questions on how, when, and where God will answer your promise, it is a reminder that He is there waiting. His is capable and He is willing to do wonderful things in your life no matter how much the enemy would have you believe He isn’t. Don’t let the enemy steal that hope and trust in God’s perfect plan from you. Be encouraged my friend. You are never alone. He has made you for more.

In Christ,



2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Satan Steal Your Promise

  1. It’s been several years but I’m still waiting for God to manifest His promise to be. When we remember that a thousand years is like a day to God, it makes the waiting easier.


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