A tale of busted pipes…

My 2018 got off to an interesting start to say the least….

Two days into the new year, I stumbled downstairs in a half-dazed, half-dehydrated state [all thanks to the stomach virus that hit me at 2 am] to try and determine the source of “that rushing sound”. A few steps into my living room, I found it.

Our pipes had burst….AGAIN.

Next ensued me yelling to wake my husband, David, up [who fell asleep getting the cranky toddler to sleep]. He rushes down stairs bewildered. I’m screaming. He’s wild haired and wild eyed. The kids are crying-the 2 year old because we woke him up with all the commotion and the 7 year old because his bubba was crying. In the midst of the chaos, I finally think clearly and scream “SHUT THE WATER OFF!” Then comes the madness of trying to pick everything up off of the floor. Let me tell you. When you have 2 small boys, a husband, and a HUGE dog combined with a not-so-big house, EVERYTHING= A TON OF STUFF. I also had the bright idea the night before [pre-stomach virus] to bring ALL the laundry downstairs and sort it in front of the washer and dryer “so that way I can get it all done.” The best of plans, eh? Yeah, that idea resulted in about 5 hours at the laundry mat and the attendant exclaiming “You still here?!?” more times than I care to count.person-looking-searching-clean.jpg

When I finally got better and could think of something other than wishing I could feel better, I started to get super overwhelmed by everything. When I start to get this way, the enemy just loves to come in and try to make me feel inadequate, less-than, and ALONE.

If you could keep your house in order, this wouldn’t even be a problem.” “You  sure do suck at this whole wife and mother thing. Don’t you see all of your friends on Facebook taking care of their families AND working? Their houses aren’t this disgusting either.” “You will never be able to get your house in order. It’s just something else you’ve failed at…” AND ON AND ON AND ON…..

Until you know what?? I recognized all of that junk for what it was- an attempt to discourage and distract me. If he could get me focused on the mess and get me hopeless, I couldn’t focus on what the Holy Spirit had been laying on my heart to do the few days before. If I could get CAUGHT UP in something else again, I couldn’t focus on preparing for what God had in store for me. Do you know what I did???

I said, “Devil you hush! Nice try, but I recognize what you were doing and it ain’t happening so you can go ahead and leave me alone in Jesus name!” [Ya’ll got to throw some attitude at him and tell him to get on somewhere…but that is for another day]

Then guess what happened? My resolve to follow through on what I felt God leading me to do became cemented on my heart. I realize that I am not the only woman with a messy house. My house does get clean for the most part, we were just still behind from the holidays. I’m not the only one and it DOES NOT MAKE ME A FAILURE [this is huge progress for me, ya’ll]. Now with that said, cleaning out the stuff over the next few days I did feel convicted to be wiser in the ways we spend our money and to recognize that we don’t need so much excess in our lives– but since it was from God it wasn’t a total beat down of my spirit and heart. It was just a genuine longing to be a better steward of the resources God has blessed us with.

How about you? Have you ever felt led by God to do something or just enjoyed an unusual closeness with Him that completely sets your soul ablaze and then… ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE IN YOUR LIFE?? You get bad news at work or a family member gets devastating news. The car breaks down. Your kids act like they have  LOST THEIR MINDS and you can only countdown the seconds to bed time for your sanity. OR the pipes burst….AGAIN….

The enemy loves to use life to get in the way of your walk with God. Does this mean every thing that goes wrong in your life is because of him? No, but he sure will use it to discourage and distract you in a heartbeat. Don’t let it happen sister. You cling to that Word and God’s presence even tighter during these times. God wants to be your steady rock during the storms of life. He doesn’t ever let go or leave. If you ask, He will give you His strength to endure. Because, He is JUST. THAT. GOOD. and because He loves you that much. Remember…even when you feel you can’t go on one more step, you are never alone. He is right there waiting for you to let Him carry you. He doesn’t even care if you’re behind a load or 2 [or 5 ;)] on the laundry.

In Christ,


P.S. I would love to hear from you! Tell me if this blessed you in anyway or feel free to share about a similar time or instance in your life!


9 thoughts on “A tale of busted pipes…

    • Thanks so much, Maria! Its my prayer that God will use me to be an encouragement to others. I hope you have a great week!


  1. Wow!!! Can’t tell you how this just made me realize to keep going! You have helped me several times in the past couple of months to realize everything will be ok!! so glad God has put you and your family in my life!! God is doing amazing things through you! Love you and your family!!


    • Thank you! I am so thankful it was helpful! I love you and your family and I’m so glad for the chance to get to know you and serve with you!!!


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