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pexels-photo-835773.jpegStart the Blog…. I’ve been feeling this in my heart and my spirit for months now. I’ve tried to ignore it, but it never really went away. It kept showing its face on my Pinterest and Google search history, in my journal entries that ended up being more like a blog post, and on my new year’s resolution list. Start the blog….every message that has been screaming at me about taking the next step in my walk with God some how has ended up in the whisper in my heart to just START. THE. BLOG. So here I am, writing this blog post at 11 pm on a Saturday night while I have the worst cold in years, but my heart feels like it may burst if I don’t obey what my heavenly father has been so patiently whispering to me. “Start the blog. Tell them how much I love them. Tell them how precious they are to ME. Tell them how to get to know me so that I can do great works in their life like I have yours.” So here I am to tell you- You are SO incredibly loved by our perfect and loving God. He desires YOUR heart. He desires a relationship with YOU. He CAN move that mountain and work out the hurt in your life, you just have to let him in. I should know. Two years ago my life was a mess and I never saw the end in sight, but here I sit with a life full of more love and joy than I ever thought was possible. It is my mission to share with you the lessons He has taught me, stories of real things he has done in my life, and tips on how to grow closer to Him. We were Made for More in this life, through Christ’s love and sacrifice and the grace poured out on us. How would you like to tap into that right where you are? You don’t have to reach that point in your life where you feel “good enough” to receive all that He wants for you. It is for here and now. It is my prayer that you will join me on this new journey. I can’t wait to see where it leads us!

In Christ,



4 thoughts on “Start the Blog

  1. Like I told you recently if not for God putting your little stinky rowdy sweet red headed boy in my care I would’ve never met you and gotten close to you, close enough to one night having to leave my house and just open up in tears and then I thought I was nuts for calling you and telling my darkest secrets to at that time was just a client I sat for. After that night, after the tears, after the prayer you said to me on the phone my heart changed. I’m not exactly where I need to be spiritually but because of you and your testimony to me it shown me I’m never alone and God is right here along with me through this new life. I’ll forever be thankful for him putting you in my life and opening up my heart to something even more greater!


    • I can’t express the joy this just brought me! Isn’t God so great that he knows how to bring the right people into our lives at the right time?? I love it!


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